Silver ion bath towel
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Silver ion bath towel
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Silver ion bath towel

Silver ion bath towel

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Bath Towels: Breeding Grounds for Bacteria, Mold, & Other Germs

Most towels are made of cheap cotton or synthetic blends that are virtually impossible to dry out completely. Since these fabrics retain so much moisture, they routinely breed bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus, yeast, and other germs.

So, every time you dry off with a damp towel, you’re not only making yourself instantly dirty again, you’re actually rubbing infectious microbes onto your skin.

According to Chuck Gerba, PhD, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, drying with a dirty towel puts you at risk of infection.1 “[You can] scratch your skin,” says Dr. Gerba. “Those tiny breaks can give bacteria an entryway into your body.”

Ordinary Bath Towels Fail On Hygiene...What Can Be Done?

In most bathrooms, the towel-drying bar is located about 7' away from the germiest thing in the house: the toilet. We all assume this is safe, but in a 2013 study, scientists proved that the bacteria in toilets routinely ends up in bath towels (a phenomenon known as “toilet plume”).2

What can be done? You can do what experts recommend and faithfully wash/replace towels every 3 days, but who has the time or energy for that? You could stop hanging up towels in the bathroom altogether, but walking to the linen closet with wet feet creates a real slipping hazard.

But what if there was a smart, easy solution that keeps bath towels clean, dry, and germ-free without sacrificing comfort and quality?

Stop Using Damp, Dirty Towels And Switch To This Innovative New Solution

Forget about exposing yourself to germs and musty odors after showering: Silverthread Towels are infused with antimicrobial silver ions — proven in scientific studies to wipe-out 99.99% of bacteria, fungus, and mold.3

Silverthread’s CA-spun Supima cotton is woven into a unique waffle-weave texture, which dries your body faster than conventional towels and allows for complete moisture evaporation, so towels air-dry in minutes.

Thousands of Americans are moving away from traditional towels to Sutera’s cleaner, hygienic, and more luxurious innovation.

But fair warning: the word about Silverthread Towels is spreading like wildfire and most customers are buying in bundles.

We strongly suggest ordering now, before inventory runs low or supplies completely sell out again.

Do Silverthread Towels Really “Clean Themselves”? How?

Silver has been used to treat infections for centuries, and surgeons still use it as an antibiotic to this day. In an extraordinary recent breakthrough, scientists discovered a way to infuse silver ions into fabrics — giving them the ability to fight an incredible 99.99% bacteria growth.2

To create Silverthread Towels, we infused these potent antimicrobial silver ions into ultra-soft, 100% California-spun Supima cotton. The silver ions are ‘activated’ whenever any excess moisture exists in the fabric, leaving the towels free of germs and odor.

Antimicrobial Silver Ions are how Sutera Silverthread Towels clean themselves!

They’re also why Silverthread towels can be washed once every 6 weeks yet still look, smell, and feel cleaner than any ordinary towel after 2 or 3 showers.

They Feel Softer, Look More Elegant, & Last Longer Than Store-Bought Towels

100% of the fabric in every Silverthread Towel is made from California-grown, California-spun Supima Cotton. Supima is the highest-quality cotton in the world. Why? Because its staple fibers are 30-50% longer than Egyptian or “Pima” cotton, producing fabrics that are softer, stronger, more durable, and significantly more resistant to “pilling.”

Silverthread’s luxurious, European-style waffle pattern features two types of weaves — each with a different function. The smooth loose-weave makes each towel strong and long-lasting; the open-weave accounts for its moisture-wicking and rapid-evaporation properties.

This unique texture is why Silverthread is more lightweight than ordinary towels, yet absorbs more moisture and air-dries more completely. You’ll literally feel it drying and warming your body. 10 minutes later, touch your Silverthread towel with dry hands: no lingering dampness, no odor... 100% of the moisture has evaporated.

Here’s What Satisfied Silverthread Customers Had To Say:

Don’t take it from us:

"So nicely made! They are like a soft, luxurious sponge that absorb water with just a soft touch. And they’re so fluffy and comfortable, I love taking time to wrap myself in one after showering. I’m surprised how light they are, too, at least compared to my old terry towels. Love the silver idea and I think they’ll make for the most thoughtful presents." — Brooke M.
"The silver content really works. These stay clean and fresh-smelling even after weeks of use. I’m happy about getting what I paid for, because although these aren’t the cheapest towels out there, the moment you hold and feel them, you can really feel the quality. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with a purchase." 
— Steve T.

"Amazing softness, and my husband immediately noticed that they do not smell even after using them for many, many times. I think it’s because they dry really fast, but the customer representative told me it’s especially because of the silver ions in action. I hope they last as long as the reviews say they do, because so far this has already saved me a whole lotta laundry! Time will tell." — Mae P.

How Does Sutera Silverthread Compare To Regular Bath Towels?

Ordinary Towels

Silver Ions inhibit 99.9% of bacteria growth

Breeding ground for bacteria, germs, & odors

100% CA-grown, CA-spun Supima cotton

Low-quality import cotton or synthetic blends

Mildew-resistant = always smells fresh

Musty odor appears within 24 hours

Double-waffle pattern = long-lasting, gets softer over time

Cheap texture becomes rough, plasticky, & frays easily

Quick absorption, complete evaporation

Inefficient, retains moisture (breeds bacteria!)

Antimicrobial silver = self-cleaning towel

EXPERTS: must be washed every 3 days

When I first saw this towel online, I was a complete skeptic… I mean, a self-cleaning towel? It’s supposed to eliminate bacteria before it grows? To me, it sounded “too good to be true,” but I knew the brand, Sutera, had a reputation for quality products. I skimmed through the rave reviews and was convinced to try it.

Right off the bat, I noticed Silverthread felt softer than I expected. It was a pleasant sensation: it feels plush, elegant... more than anything, it feels like quality. I’m a huge Supima cotton fan, and this fabric does not disappoint: it feels strong yet lightweight, smooth yet breathable.

I gave it a shot that same day. I went through my usual shower routine, but one thing immediately stood out: I was fully dry before I knew it. I hung the half-damp towel like I always do and checked back after about 15 minutes. Normally, my towel would still be cold-to-the-touch and dripping wet at this time, but I was shocked to find it dry as a bone.

After a couple weeks of use, I can confidently say: Silverthread is the last towel I will ever use. It gets the job done better than any other towel, and it doesn’t ever smell musty. Plus, I love not having to worry about washing it all the time because it stays clean for weeks.