Pregnant Safety Belt
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Pregnant Safety Belt
Pregnant Safety Belt
Pregnant Safety Belt
Pregnant Safety Belt
Pregnant Safety Belt
Pregnant Safety Belt
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Pregnant Safety Belt
Pregnant Safety Belt
Pregnant Safety Belt
Pregnant Safety Belt
Pregnant Safety Belt
Pregnant Safety Belt
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Pregnant Safety Belt

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Thousands of pregnancies are lost in car accidents every year.

❌Over 200,000 pregnant women are involved in car accidents every year.

❌ Over 4000 pregnancies are lost every year due to car accidents. 

Traditional seatbelts may be safe for everyone else but for pregnant mums it may potentially harm the baby. During accidents the force that is generated from the seatbelt onto the belly can be extremely harmful to the unborn inside you. The original design can be more harmful that good for expectant mothers.

Why MamaBelt?

MamaBelt™ is a legally made seatbelt adjuster specially for pregnant women. Unlike traditional seatbelts is is specifically designed to ensure expectant mothers and their unborn safety during travelling on the road. It transforms the seatbelt into a 3 point connection, which takes the pressure away from the belly and it is the recommended configuration for pregnant women.

The MamaBelt™ redirects the seatbelt away from the belly and securing the seatbelt on the legs instead. It will be nowhere near you belly as it puts the pressure on your thigh, shoulders and waist instead. This then eliminates the danger of putting pressure on your bump with sudden braking or any accidents.

Is MamaBelt Safe?

We have had many meetings with our manufacture and through numerous testing and improvements and crash test, MamaBelt™ has shown that it reduces the chance of lost pregnancies in road accidents by 83.1% compared to normal seatbelts. 

MamaBelt is made with high quality plastic & steel (inner-layer) to ensure durability and safety, ensuring that it can withstand high impact accidents. MamaBelt™ is not just for pregnant women, it can also be used for people sensitive stomach and abnormal obesity.


Crash-tested and approved for legally registered vehicles in the following countries:

  •  Australia
  •  New Zealand
  •  Canada
  • ✓ Europe
  •  United Kingdom
  •  United States 

Benefits of MamaBelt?

Easy To Use: All it takes is 4 simple steps to secure and fastening MamaBelt™. It is very easy to remove and install perfect for everyday use.

Comfortable and Safe: MamaBelt™ allows the seatbelt to position away from the bump to the leg in a safe configuration without any constriction. The belt takes away the discomfort on sensitive bellies and providing expectant mothers a much safer and more comfortable road travelling.

Free Sizing: MamaBelt™ comes with an adjustable belt, which allows it to be fixed on any car easily, no matter the size.

Helps with Recovery: It is perfect for individuals who may recently had abdominal, stomach surgeries or mums that had C-Section. As this will take the pressure away from their stomach area allowing them to travel on the road comfortably without the belt putting pressure to that area.


Installations instructions of MamaBelt

1. The adjustable should be pushed through under the seat and the backrest

2. The belt then should then be pulled towards to the front of the seat underneath.

3. The belt should then loop through the upper hole first then lower hole, as shown in the picture.

4. You can then adjust the tightness of the belt by pulling the strap down. 

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